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Grammar Awareness

Research suggests that a student with a solid grasp of English grammar will be more confident in speaking and writing, both in the classroom as well as in the professional world. Our grammar awareness lessons have been developed to improve students’ knowledge of English grammar and their ability to use it with confidence.

English Drama & Musical

Primo Learning Centre values creativity and imagination in our teachers and students. This is the primary reason we have developed our English drama course. Students are provided with the opportunity to practice using the English language through reading short stories, and acting in drama performances in front of a live audience.

Overseas Student Exchange Preparation

Travelling is an exciting opportunity, but can be intimidating. The core purpose of our Student Exchange program is for young leaders to learn about travelling overseas for the first time. This course is designed to assist students in preparation for the process of filling out required documentation for travelling through immigration, learning more about the language and culture of their destination, and gain confidence speaking with their foreign hosts.

Global Perspectives: Public Speaking and Debate

Primo Learning Centre believes children are our future. Our Student Ambassador program provides students with an opportunity to develop leadership and interpersonal communication skills through a series of self-discovery and global awareness activities. This course is designed to focus students on applying knowledge and personal experience to “real life situations.”